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If you are asked what datesare and what products they have? What will you answer? Dates are a valuable fruit that has been a guest of humanity for thousands of years. Not only dates but also their products are very popular among the people. From date juice to date halva, all are products that you can enjoy a lot. In this article, we are going to talk about the most famous and delicious date products. So do not miss it.

Introducing the most famous date products

Date products are very popular along with their consumption. It is not only the dates themselves that are of interest to people, but also the processing of dates to produce products that I am sure you will love. Have you heard of date chips, chocolate dates or date sugar and sugar cubes? In the following, we will introduce more of these products to you.

date paste
date paste

date paste

One of the most popular date products is date paste. This popular product is used instead of sugar in confectionery. Some people are even allergic to date skin. They can use date paste.

To produce date paste, fresh and high quality dates are used without any additives. Therefore, the same properties and quality of dates are present in the dough.

Palm sap

Dattelsaft ist ein sehr starkes und stärkendes Produkt, das sowohl für Erwachsene als auch für Kinder erstaunliche Wirkungen hat. Dattelsaft wird auf verschiedene Weise hergestellt und zum Verzehr von Reismilch oder zum Frühstück mit Sesam verwendet. Ein nahrhaftes Frühstück, das Sie länger satt halten kann. Dieses Bräunungsprodukt hat viele Vorteile, darunter die Stärkung Ihrer Knochen, die Beschleunigung des Haarwachstums und die Stärkung der Vitamine in Ihrer Haut.

Date Chips

Do you also love to eat a delicious and nutritious food during the day? Food that is both healthy and kills your false appetite. We offer you date chips.

It’s simple to make. You can even make it at home and enjoy a healthy snack. To make this date product, first wash the dates and dry them well.

Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Then roll in flour and sugar. Do this several times so that the flour goes well with the dates.

Nuts with nuts
Nuts with nuts

Dates with nuts

We all love to try exciting foods. Undoubtedly, dates alone can be a healthy meal. But nuts are not only healthy, they are exciting. How about You can make dates healthier and stronger by adding the nuts you like.

How to prepare dates with nuts is very simple. Choose wet dates for this. Remove the cores. Now you can use almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios and peanuts to make dates.

This date product is very popular and is a wonderful snack for children and adults who are looking for a sweet and nutritious food.

Of course, you can slice the date, put your favorite kernel in it, and finally decorate with coconut powder and sliced pistachios or almond pieces.

Chocolate dates

Chocolate dates are actually the same as stuffed dates. The difference is that a layer of chocolate is also placed on the dates.

This type of date is a great choice for events such as engagements and compact weddings.

In addition to nuts, you can use fruits such as bananas and strawberries along with this type of date. These dates can be decorated with both white melted chocolate and brown chocolate.

Cube dates or sugar cube dates

Artificial sugar is the biggest enemy we have created for ourselves. Processed sugar that has terrifying effects on physical health. But what do you think about a special alternative and health? Cubic dates are what you need.

The best alternative to sugar. The date sugar cube is actually the same as the date, but it is cut into the same cubes and shaped into sugar. These berries are the same as dates and have the same taste. Because dates are dried, they have much less sugar and are also rich in useful minerals needed by the body.

Date halva

There are many nutritious foods that on cold days of autumn and winter, by making them, you will both strengthen your body and you can enjoy eating it. One of these popular foods that you should definitely try is date halva.

This tonic halva is made with dates, honey, sugar, saffron, dry bread flour, almond kernel powder, walnuts, pistachios, date juice and genuine animal oil. This halva will also be very useful for pregnant and lactating women.

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