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Medicinal properties and benefits of saffron

خواص زعفران

Properties of saffron Our main topic today is introducing the best Golden Mart products. A large company that has started a wide and successful activity in the field of production and distribution of saffron and due to the quality of its products, has a special place among customers. But join us to continue to introduce the medicinal properties and benefits of saffron.

What is saffron and what are its characteristics?

The question of what is saffron may seem a little simple at first, but as you become more familiar with its properties and types, you will see that this wonderful substance is one of the most powerful medicinal analgesics. A fragrant spice with a unique taste known as red gold. Red beans, which is one of the most special condiments in Iranian food and along with its high nutritional value, can be introduced as one of the strong antioxidants.

Crocus sativus, which is known as saffron, is in the genus of asparagus and is also known as a golden spice due to its high price. This fragrant plant has made its way to the table about 4000 years ago and has become one of the main flavors. It is interesting to know that Iran has been introduced as the largest producer in the world by producing 90% of the world’s saffron.

Application of saffron

Introducing different types of saffron

Saffron is one of the most widely used plants in the world, all parts of which have special uses. In fact, different types of saffron are summarized in different parts of this plant. If you look at the appearance of saffron, you will see a delicate stem that has three parts or three flags on top of it. Types of saffron are divided into five categories, which include the following.

Types of saffron
Types of saffron

Creamy or white saffron: This part, which is almost the root of saffron and is known as creamy saffron because of its softness and color that is close to light yellow or white.

Saffron category:This type of saffron includes all its parts from the beginning to the end.

Straw saffron: It is a combination of three flags and the middle part, which is known as straw saffron.

Flower head saffron:This type of saffron only covers the upper part of the flag and has a high price.

Negin Saffron: This type is also very expensive and includes all flags.

Familiarity with the medicinal properties of saffron

The nutritional value of saffron is such that in addition to flavoring and aromatizing food and snacks, it provides the possibility of medicinal uses of this plant.

Saffron properties
Saffron properties
  • Using the nutritional value of saffron, you can increase blood pressure and regulate protein levels.
  • As blood pressure rises, it will be able to regulate heart rate.
  • The antioxidant in saffron seeds destroys cellular free radicals. It also prevents Alzheimer’s.
  • One of the most important medicinal properties of saffron is to reduce cortisol levels and increase estrogen levels, which ensures bone health.
  • Based on the properties of saffron, the histamines in the body are stopped and the level of sensitivity and allergies is minimized.
  • One of the most important properties of saffron is to minimize the activity of acetylcholine, which reduces stress and anxiety, prevents stress and anxiety.
  • This magic spice also has antiviral ability and can prevent the virus from entering and accumulating in the body.
  • Saffron causes the secretion of the hormone of happiness and the reason for its existence is the crocin molecule. The body is unable to digest this molecule, so the digestive system eventually converts it to quercetin. This molecule increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which has antidepressant properties.
  • Other medicinal uses of saffron include increasing the body’s immune system and energy. The carotenoids in this plant increase the concentration and function of muscles and the brain and will create the necessary coordination between the mind and the eyes.
  • Due to the popularity of this plant among women, it reduces menstrual pain. Consumption of saffron tea before menstruation prevents mental disorders, muscle cramps, pimples and bloating.
  • According to the latest research, saffron is one of the strongest enhancers of sexual desire and its effect is the same on men and women. It is worth mentioning that saffron increases vaginal discharge, which prevents pain during sexual intercourse.
Benefits of saffron
Benefits of saffron


As mentioned, saffron, this golden spice has a high nutritional and medicinal value, and other medicinal uses of saffron include weight loss, fat burning, glucose burning and digestion.

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