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What are the side effects of consuming dates too much?

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One of the foods that many people use is dates Is. Dates have many medicinal properties and are also very useful and beneficial for the health of the body. If you consume too much dates, it is no longer good for your health, but it will harm your health. In this article, we want Golden Mart to discuss the side effects of dates. If you want to get to know this food completely, we suggest the article “What is a date?” Read.

Side effects of over-consumption of dates

  • Causes abdominal problems

As mentioned, this food is good for health, but if sulfate is added to dates, it is no longer good for dates and may be harmful to some people. It is now common to add sulfate to dried dates to preserve as well as kill bacteria. Sulfate is a chemical compound that is harmful to some people. Some people are allergic to sulfate, and when they eat dates that contain sulfate, they experience abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

One of the minerals in dates is fiber, which is very good for the digestive system, but if you have not received enough fiber so far, consuming a lot of dates will increase your body fiber very suddenly. When the human body fiber suddenly increases, it causes abdominal problems and constipation.

  • One of the side effects of dates is itching and skin irritation.

Dried fruits such as dates sometimes irritate the skin. Of course, it goes without saying that these side effects of dates are also related to sulfate. Pimples on the skin are usually caused by mold on dried fruits, one of which is dried fruits.

  • Excessive consumption of dates causes weight gain.

This food has a lot of calories and energy. One of the disadvantages of dates is weight gain and it is due to its high calories and energy. Each gram of dates has about 2.8 calories and is a medium energy food. As a result, avoid consuming too much of this food.

  • This nutrient may cause fructose intolerance.

Dates have natural sugar and the reason for this natural sweetness is fructose. Some people have difficulty digesting this natural fructose sweetener, which can lead to a condition called fructose intolerance if eaten. This problem may cause bloating and abdominal pain.

  • Wax coating on dates is harmful.

Dates, like other fruits, are marketed with wax coating. Wax coatings make the fruits look better and also brighter, and of course, it makes the fruits stay fresh for a longer time. Dates have radiance and this radiance is due to oil coating or chemical spray. These substances cause severe digestive problems with high consumption of dates and also consumption of this type of dates in the long run.

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Effects of high consumption of dates on dental health and blood sugar levels

Dates are a sweet food and have a sweet taste. For this reason, dates have a great effect on blood sugar levels. According to research, dates lower blood sugar and are good for people with diabetes. As a result, it helps to treat diabetes. This is because dates are high in natural sugars and low in glycemic index.

There is not much solid research on the effects of dates on dental health. It is best to consult a specialist about the health of your teeth before consuming too many dates.


As mentioned, this food is very useful and has a very high healing properties. What is being said in this article does not mean that you should avoid this food and not use it at all. These problems occur when you consume too many dates, for example, many people consume more than ten dates a day, and this excessive amount causes the dates to be harmful. As a result, you should consume a balanced amount of this food per day so as not to harm your health. We suggest that you eat two or three dates during the day.

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