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Saffron production

Saffron is one of the most expensive plants based on weight in the world. This plant is known as a spice and medicinal plant. Saffron is cultivated in Iran, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland and Pakistan. But Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world.

In addition to this name, saffron has other names. One of the names of this plant is red gold and the reason for this naming is because of its high price and high price. In ancient times, this plant was also known as the blood of Hercules and Zarparan. If you are interested in growing saffron, you should have information about the amount of investment and profitability. To get this information, you can read the article on the plan to justify saffron planting.

There are different types of saffron. Saffron is also very suitable for treating various diseases such as depression. To read more, what is saffron? Follow Golden Mart.

Buy saffron

Buying saffron is always done with a lot of obsession. Since in this lucrative market, people also sell fake saffron, you should be very careful when buying saffron. One way to identify fake saffron is to taste it, if it is sweet it is fake saffron. Because to gain weight, they add sugar to it.

Buy saffron from reputable websites and stores. Also pay attention to the approval of the Ministry of Health and Health Apple on the saffron brand.

Saffron price

Saffron is mainly produced in our country. However, currency fluctuations still have a direct impact on saffron prices. What is the reason for this? Because 95% of saffron grown in Iran is exported, the price of saffron in Iran is affected by the exchange rate. For the latest price of saffron, you can contact the Golden Mart site.

Purchase order and information about the price of different types of saffron

To view the prices of different types of saffron, including the price of Negin Bulk saffron, visit the special purchase page and the price of Golden Mart saffron. You can also call+41 791904002 and find out the latest price of saffron.