Alternatives to Alibaba

Alternatives to Alibaba

Wholesale suppliers without alibaba ,alibaba is not the only game in town and there are much better alternatives  out there.

Now alibaba is super convenient for finding factories and suppliers in china but it’s not  the only game in town in fact many chinese suppliers  cannot be found on alibaba and you’re severely limiting your options by relying on alibaba for all of your product  sourcing needs for example  every wholesale supplier that we use for our seven figure online  handkerchief store is  not on alibaba now  the main benefit of alibaba is that you can quickly  access thousands of suppliers and products  with a simple search and the interface is intuitive easy to use and you can  get full audit report on any factory on the platform .

But the main disadvantage of  alibaba is that everyone busy from alibaba the best suppliers are often not on alibaba  because they already have an established customer base and don’t want to deal with random inquiries in addition alibaba is flooded with middlemen and trading companies so you have to sort through a sea of suppliers before  you find a good one now to expand your wholesale supplier here are my favorite alibaba alternatives that are as good or better

1- alibaba alternative number one is global sources

 global sources is leading online chinese supplier directory that connects  buyers with suppliers all of the world with over 1.5 million suppliers global sources is considered one o0s alibaba’s main competitors that specializes in electronics  and  accessories now overall the suppliers on global sources tend to be more established and higher quality than alibaba and as a result the minimum order quantities will often be higher .now in addition to their  supply directory global sources also offers a wide range of value-added services such as product sourcing market research and logistics to help buyers get the most out of their sourcing experience and twice a year  they also run the global sources summit which is one of the best sourcing trade shows in the world next to the cannot fair so here are the pros of global sources they’re the second largest supplier directory next to alibaba it’s quick and easy to find suppliers online they have higher quality suppliers compared to alibaba and they have better suppliers for electronics alibaba they also hold their own supplier trade show in hong kong twice a year  and I would say that global sources summit conference is a must attend but here are the downsides the minimum order quantities tend to be higher than alibaba on average and global sources is smaller than alibaba in terms of the number of suppliers .

2-Alibaba alternative number 2 is going  to the canton fair

 the canton fair held in guanzo china is one of the largest trade shows in the world for businesses looking  to source products from china and the fair is split into three phases  with each phase featuring a different range of products phase one is electronics and machinery phase two is building materials and home furnishings and phase three is gifts and toys now going to the canton fair is my favorite way to find china wholesale suppliers because you can touch and see actual product samples you can meet the factories face to face you can find factories not on alibaba and you will be working with real factories and not middlemen now canton fair attracts hundreds of thousands visitors from all over the world and it’s a great opportunity to see the latest products and trends from china it’s also an excellent way to meet potential  suppliers manufactures directly and negotiate deals right on the spot  here are the pros you can meet hundreds of factories in the spend of just a week you can see and touch actual product samples you can find factories not in the alibaba and you  can negotiate and close deals on the spot are the downsides of canton fair you gotta travel to china and hotel and airfare can be expensive.

3-  alibaba alternative number 3 is to use and import database 

now every sea shipment into the united states  is document on the u.s import records and you can browse recodes  to find on the exact factories that any company uses .

Now the jungle scot supplier database is a tool that allows you to search this import record to see what any company is importing the us and in what quantities  that are being used how often any company import by c and here’s a demo over here on how to use jungle scout find the suppliers that  your competition is using and in the show notes below there’s actually a coupon where you can save 30 on the tool now here are the pros of using an import database  it’s very easy to find who your  competitors are using as a factory  you can approximate the sales column for any company     you get product ideas by seeing what other companies are importing as well here  are the downsides the tools to access the database cost money these     factories might be large and not be willing to work with you and then companies can also hide their information from  the public record

4- alibaba alternative number 4 is to use a china sourcing agent

a china sourcing agent is a consultant that connects you with factors in china to produce your products and they typically live in china

And help you locate manufactures that cannot be found on alibaba now a good china sourcing agent will have a strong network trusted factories freight forwarders and inspection companies  to make  sourcing experience simple and easy so for example they will pre-screen factories  for quality they will negotiate on your behalf  they will communicate with factories in fluent chinese they help with quality control and they will find you low-cost freight forwarders  to deliver your products now depending on the agent per service a china sourcing agent typically charges five percent of your cost   find pre-vetted companies without doing any work you can find factories not in alibaba you can negotiate better pricing and you have a trusted person on the ground in china here are the downside though it cost money and cannot bypass the agent and work with the factory directly and sometimes there are possible back door deals between the agent and the factory .

5- Alibaba alternative number 5 is made in china

Made in is an online directory that connects chinese manufactures and suppliers with international buyers now the made in china site offers a wide range of products from electronics and and  machinery to clothing  and home décor buyers can browse through a hung catalog  of over 40 million  products request quotes and place order directly with suppliers made in china also offers a number of value-added services such as quality control and logistics and compared  to alibaba and global sources made in china is the 3 largest b2b platform in china however they offer more industrial and construction-based products they any other supplier directory now all the suppliers  I made in china are verified for quality and you can view a full  supplier audit report to get more information about every  vendor here the pros are made in china they are the their  largest supplier directory next to alibaba it’s a quick easy way to find suppliers online they have the largest directory of industrial and construction-based suppliers in china here are the downside though made in china is smaller than alibaba and global sources made in china suppliers tend to be more expensive than alibaba .

6- Alibaba alternative number 6  is Thomas net

Thomas net is an online resource for finding and connecting with manufactures  and suppliers in the usa their website includes a search engine that allows user  search for specific product and services as well as a directory of  manufactures suppliers  and distributors they also have a forum where users can ask questions and share information about experiences with various suppliers  now ti find suppliers on thomasnet  all you got  to do is enter your product into the search bar  you can search by keyword product type or company name and you can narrow down your results by location industry or certifications  so overall thomasnet is great way to find factories in the usa  here are the pros it’s easy to find factors in the us you can interact with other sellers on the forum there’s a fast turnaround time because you’re dealing with u.s suppliers and there’s no language barrier here are the downsides though the prices  are more expensive than china and Thomas net is significantly smaller than alibaba .

7- alibaba alternative number 7 is  DHGate

Dhgate is an online marketplace that connects chinese manufacturers and wholesalers with buyers from all over the world they offer a wide range of products including electronics clothing  shoes and more.

Now unlike  alibaba the majority of sellers on dhgate are individual businesses and not factories as a result dhgate  is not good for finding private label suppliers however it’s a great place to source a variety of products at low minimum order  quantities to test the market here the pros at dhgate low minimum order  quantities an products you have buyer protection program which ensures all purchases  there’s end-to – end tracking and there’s a large variety of products here’s the downside though quality control is poor and the merchandise tends to be cheap .

8- Alibaba alternative number 8  is TradeKey

Now : TradeKey  is a business marketplace that  connects chinese companies with international  buyers and suppliers founded in 2006 they have over 9.6 million members from over 225 countries and they offer a suite of tools and services to help businesses  find and connect  with international buyer and suppliers including product and company directories trade leads and a secure messaging system  they also offer a range of value-added services  such as market research trade show promotion and web design and development  here the pros a trade key it’s a quick and easy way to find suppliers online and they have a large directory of chinese sellers but the downside is trade key is significantly smaller than  alibaba and to be honest with you’re their  website looks like it was designed  in the 90s but it gets the the job done

 9- Alibaba alternative number 9 is EC21

now EC21 is a leading global b2b marketplace connecting buyers and suppliers all over the world  with over 2.5 million registered users from over 190 countries they offer a wide of product categories including chemicals electronics food and beverages health and beauty minerals and packaging and paper now on the EC21 you can post trade leads buying requests and view suppliers company profiles buyers can find products by just using the search bar browsing through product categories  or by creating a buyer request  you can also find suppliers by searching  through the suppliers directory or attending one of EC21’s many trade shows .now ec21 is open to all companies and the website is free to use here are the pros it’s a quick and easy way to find suppliers they have a large directory of chinese  sellers and you can actually post buying request and have the sellers respond but the downside  is that es21 is significantly smaller than alibaba and there’s no real vetting process for sellers .

10 – Alibaba alternative number 10  is  Yiwugo

Yiwugo is the official suppliers directory of the  Yiwugo market  the world’s largest small commodities market located in Yiwugo  china now more than 1.8 million different product are sold in the Yiwugo  market  which is divided into five districts with over 10000 shops  generating over 5 million transactions  per day  now this market was established in the 80s and has became a major hub for small commodity trade in china it is actually a major destination for domestic and foreign buyer  and it’s known for its low prices and wide variety of goods now this market  is open all year round and  is busiest during  the Chinese  new year and autumn fair periods now they specialize  in jewelry toys clothing shoes and bags  and other products that carry a low dollar value  think dollar store products the minimum order quantity  is low at around 10 pieces and you are responsible  for shipping and negotiating with suppliers  .here are the pros of Yiwugo  it’s a quick  and easy way  to find suppliers online and there’s a directory of over 10000 chinese sellers  the downside is that it’s significantly smaller than alibaba  there’s no real vetting process for sellers  the products are cheap and poor quality  and there’s a relatively small variety  of products compared to alibaba

11-   Alibaba alternative number 11 is 1688.COM

1688 is an online supplier directory  that’s  actually owned by alibaba  that caters to chinese businesses now in 1688 is nearly identical  to alibaba but target towards chinese  customers and the site offers a wide range of products including electronics machinery  apparel  and more and everything on 1680 is in chinese though so  you need the help of a translator  or google translate to understand  the website so overall it’s a clone of alibaba except in chinese and you’ll find many of the same products and suppliers  on the platform but be careful  when using 1688 because the standards of quality are lower in china compared   to the us and the  many  suppliers on 1688 are also not accustomed  to exporting products to foreign countries but  the prices will be cheaper than alibaba  here the pros of 1688  quick and easy way to find suppliers  inline there’s a huge directory of chinese  sellers the prices are lower than alibaba here are downsides the website isn’t chinese the products  are lower quality and the suppliers may not be used to exporting to the us .

12- Alibaba alternative number 12  is Chinabrands

Chinabrands  is the leading global drop ship suppliers from china and a light bulk wholesaler for businesses of all sizes  they source their products  from a network of reliable suppliers  and employ a team of professional buyers  who negotiate  the best possible prices  now because Chinabrands is a drop shipper they ship  merchandise directly to your end customer  with your logo which means you don’t have to invest  in stock now overall china brands  offers over a million products across different  categories like apparel jewelry home  goods and auto parts here are the pros there’s no minimum water quantities on products and they are probably  the best chinese suppliers for drop  shipping next to aliexpress there’s a large variety of products and shipping  is relatively cheap and some products  can be customized the  downside though is that shipping from  china slow the merchandise is unbranded and can be of poor quality

13- Alibaba alternative number 13  is Chinavasion

Chinavasion  is a wholesale marketplace  that specializes in selling Chinese-made  electronics and other consumer goods  to international markets the company  was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing  quality goods at competitive prices  and today it offers a wide range of electronics  such as cell phones tablets computers home appliances and more.

 Now products can be purchased directly from the  china invasion website and there’s no minimum order quantity  and they also carry famous chinese  brands like Huawei and xiaomi .here are the pros there’s no minimum water quantities they have a large variety  of electronic products with real chinese  brands there’s a one year warranty on products but the downside is that shipping  is expensive and quality can be poor .

Now the point of this article  is to tell you that there’s more out there  than alibaba while alibaba is a great to source products  for sale it’s not the only place  to look and in many cases it’s not  even the best place the  biggest downside of using alibaba is that everyone uses  alibaba  now by going down the road less  traveled and using the sourcing  in this video  you can find supplier that no one else is using which will give you a competitive adventage hope you enjoyed this article  .      

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