Carpet Jewelry

فرش جواهرنشان

There is another type of carpet and tableau which is called jewelry or carpet decoration. The type and style of carpet weaving are different in this type of carpet. This style of carpet weaving is more common in India and the city of Kashmir. In our country, Tabrizi art has been able to weave the first jewelry and embroidered carpets. In this valuable carpet, 42 types of precious stones have been used. These stones are rubies, jade and emeralds as well as one kilo of 22 carat gold. Also, 750 different colors have been used in the texture of this carpet. The yarns used in this beautiful carpet are 30% silk and the rest of the yarns are merino. This very eye-catching and valuable carpet is woven in the size of 140 x 120 and it took 5 years.

Carpet Jewelry
Jeweled carpet woven in Tabriz

The texture of the carpet is jewelry or embroidery

The steps of weaving a rug are similar to the steps of weaving a rug. In this method, a plan is used. However, in these maps, the location of the seals and the size of the length and width of their location are specified. It is also specified that the seals used are horizontal or vertical.

Carpet Jewelry
Carpet Jewelry

A very important point in weaving is that the seals must be inserted into the yarn before weaving. And when weaving, make sure that they are in place by counting the weaving.

After this stage, the weaving of the carpet begins and when we reach the desired ridge according to the design, the seal should be in its place.

Another important point is that great care must be taken when weaving a jewelry or logo carpet. Because in the weaving stage, there is a possibility of damage to jewels or jewels. To prevent this, tools such as kilim weaving are used and it should be noted that the blows should be entered carefully and care should be taken not to hit the jewels and jewelry used. Finally, it can be said that the jewelry used in this style should be planted in the carpet and should not be hung from it.

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