فیروزه کوبی چیست

Turquoise is one of the branches of Iranian handicrafts. This art has been performed in Mashhad for 60 years and later became popular in Isfahan. Turquoise stone has long been one of the most beautiful stones and is the oldest turquoise mine in the world in Iran in the city of Neishabour. It has a lot.


Stones used in turquoise

Turquoise is available in two types of gypsum – white and blue-green stone, which have various qualities. Blue-green turquoise stone is mostly used because it has a high tolerance against heat and pressure. And for turquoise stoning, the stone must have a high tolerance.

Tools needed for turquoise

1- Copper utensils for turquoise

2. Hammer

3. Gasoline lights or gas lights

4- Hand pliers


6- Sandpaper

7. Turquoise glue

8- Turquoise stones

Turquoise method and steps

Turquoise stamping consists of several steps, which are mentioned below:

1- Making and paying for a copper object:

First, the turquoise maker must prepare the copper dish. To do this, the coppersmith is ordered and the desired tool is made and prepared. The copper used in turquoise is a little different because it must have a recess for the turquoise to be placed on it. Or the device must be a recess or bulge, which is called a bend. These bends are created with the device on copper.

2. Paste the turquoise on the desired object:

The second step in turquoise stamping is to prepare the turquoise and wash it and separate its parts, and then the artist carefully attaches the turquoise parts to the surface of the object by means of glue and heat, and presses it on the varnish or the same adhesive.

3. Turning and finishing the final work:

Finally, the lacquer on the turquoise, which is brown, should be polished. Diamond blades are also used to polish turquoise. Turquoise stones are cut and arranged and sanded. Also, polyester is placed on it to be washable.


Turquoise dishes

  • Confectionery
  • Decorative dish
  • Teaspoon
  • Bowl and plate
  • Mirrors and candlesticks
  • flower pot
  • Kashkul
  • Trays
  • Chocolate dish
  • .
  • Samovar

Today, this art has more applications and is also used in decorating and beautifying jewelry and paintings.

Methods of storage of turquoise containers

In order for this art to be lasting and not be damaged over time, we must use the following points in it:

  • Turquoise should not be exposed to direct sunlight;
  • Do not expose to heat;
  • Do not use chemicals for washing turquoise dishes;
  • Do not spray perfume, cologne or oils;

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