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How to export dates?

صادرات خرما

Persian datesare one of the most popular dates in the world. This popular but expensive fruit has its fans in many countries of the world. Its exports to Iran have also boomed in recent years. In general, the export of dates in Iran has become one of the most important methods of income generation. But Iran is not the only one making money this way. Other countries also benefit from it. In this article, we will talk more about export dates and so on.

The most important manufacturers in Iran and the world

Dates are a delicious and popular fruit that is used as food in some countries and in others in the confectionery industry.

Dates are rich in minerals such as iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium and vitamins such as A, B, C, E, K. Date producers make different types of it and supply it in the world markets. That is why the export of dates is one of the ways of generating income for the governments that produce it.

The number of date cultivars in the world reaches 4000 species. But the export figures that are very expensive and popular are Deglet Noor, Majuli and Khazad. Majul is the most expensive date in the world and each unit costs about 15 thousand dollars.

Export of dates
Export of dates

Another world-famous date variety is Deglat Noor, which is native to Iraq. This date is also grown in the central parts of Khuzestan.

The most important producers of dates in the order of production in the world are as follows:

1: Egypt

2: Saudi Arabia

3: Iran

4: United Arab Emirates

5: Algeria

6: Iraq

7: Pakistan

8: Oman

9: Tunisia

10: Libya

Egypt is the largest exporter of dates in the world. Dates are exported in this country on a large scale. In Iran, 15 provinces are active in the production of dates. But dates produced and suitable for export are offered by the following 5 provinces.

1: kerman

2: khozestan

3:sistan and balochestan


5: Hormozgan

Important Iranian cultivars that are export dates include colonial dates of Khuzestan province, Mazafati dates of Kerman province, Zahedi dates of Fars province, Kabkab dates of Bushehr province and Pyaram dates of Hormozgan province.

Date producers
Date producers

The most important consumers in Iran and the world

Russia, India, Oman and Malaysia are the largest importers of Iranian dates. The export of Iranian dates is mostly limited to these countries. But in recent years, countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been exporting their dates to European and even American countries.

India is the largest importer of dates in the world, with more than $ 211 million worth of dates being bought by the country every year. The high population of this country as well as the presence of many Muslims in this country has increased the demand for dates.

After India, it is the UAE and Morocco that are the second and third largest importers of dates in the world. It can be concluded that exporting dates to these countries can bring good profits.

The most important consumers of dates in Iran also reach the same southern cities. More than 60% of date consumers live in southern cities. Some cities in central Iran also have the lowest share of date consumption in Iran. The southern provinces consume an average of 25 kilograms of dates. This is while other provinces consume only 1 kg of dates. This amount can be averaged. According to the average, the per capita consumption of dates in Iran for the southern provinces is 7 kg. Fars, Hormozgan, Khuzestan and Kerman are the biggest consumers of this product.

Market forecast and export demand of dates

The world has proven over the last few years that it is looking for healthy foods that it can feed its people with. Dates are both a fruit and a food that can be a family meal.

The demand for quality dates worldwide is increasing day by day. Beautiful packaging and quality dates are also the secret of the popularity of Iranian dates. For this reason, Iran, which is now in third place, has the potential to reach first place.

But the problem of the Iranian market is the lack of strong branding. With a little effort and the use of better packaging, we can expect that in the next 10 years, the demand for Iranian dates worldwide will increase so much that Iran will become one of the world’s top exporters of dates.

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