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Justification plan for planting different types of saffron

طرح توجیهی کاشت زعفران

What is saffron in the article? We got acquainted with this expensive and widely used plant. The saffron planting justification plan showed the market and farmers that the high profits in the saffron production industry have led to the development of saffron cultivated lands several times over the past 30 years.

The saffron cultivation justification plan gives the investor a list of initial and current costs and the amount of profit at the very beginning of the work, so that there is no need for consulting costs. It is also predicted from the very beginning of production what will be the maximum profit from this production.

This plan is a scale in which it predicts all planting, holding and harvesting costs in saffron cultivation. However, this stage in saffron production is much more difficult than the production itself, and requires more labor.

Due to the policies of changing the cultivation pattern and supporting low-yield, high-yield and profitable crops among other crops, of course, due to the favorable saffron cultivation area, which can also bring significant profits to the producer each year. Created.

In the saffron production and planting industry, modern industrial methods also have a significant impact on the costs calculated in the justification plans, because in modern methods of cultivation less labor is required, thus reducing production costs.

Saffron planting income

According to the rules of accounting and calculating the amount of income at the beginning of the work, we have to calculate a lot of costs, to get the amount of net profit.

Needless to say, some of these costs only need to be calculated every few years, meaning they do not need to be spent every year.

These costs include preparing agricultural land and buying saffron onions, for which farmers and producers need to spend every few years.

Planted onions last from 5 to 10 years, and usually after 10 years of planting and harvesting saffron, the land no longer has its original strength and we can not plant saffron again in this land.

With the above explanations and mentioning the effective factors in planting and production, which shows that planting is costly, but we should know that the income of planting saffron is almost three times the cost of its production.

Of course, all costs are included in the precise and realistic justification plan, and the 40% inflation rate is also considered.

The profitability of saffron depends on the initial costs of planting saffron, high costs in the stages of the planting justification plan make saffron the most expensive spice in the world.

Initial capital in the saffron planting justification plan

The initial capital in the saffron planting justification plan depends on the cultivation method and the amount of surface that is to be planted and the cost that we are going to pay to receive the saffron planting justification plan.

If a farmer or producer wants to work in modern industrial methods in the production and cultivation of saffron, she can do so in one of the following ways:

  1. Greenhouse system
  2. Hydroponic
  3. Aeroponic

Act .

In the modern industrial method, at the beginning of saffron planting, in addition to the cost of requesting a justification plan, the farmer must also pay for the construction of the greenhouse at the very beginning. To apply for a loan or to offer another solution to the farmer.

In the early years of planting, the farmer does not get capital, but in the coming years of planting, the farmer will definitely get a high profit.

Justification plan for growing saffron in the greenhouse

Greenhouse saffron
Greenhouse saffron

Calculates and announces the justification plan for growing saffron in the greenhouse by aeration method (aeroponic).

Zero to one hundred planting of greenhouse saffron by hydroponic method has a precise financial part in the justification plan, which in this plan, in which saffron is planted without soil, has a start in the introduction of greenhouse construction, which is estimated in the justification plan.

Other important points are considered in the discussion of the justification plan, including the following important points:

  1. Safranernte im Gewächshaus
  2. Calculate rate of return and head-to-head point
  3. Benefits of greenhouse and European saffron

It also reviews things that are useful to both investors and enthusiasts, and is a reliable guide to get started borrowing and building a greenhouse.

Benefits of greenhouse and European saffron

Since the hydroponic greenhouse cultivation scheme is new and fledgling, it has many applicants in different countries, but this reception is much more valuable and used in China than in other countries.

For many years, saffron cultivation has been traditional in Iran and other countries, and a very large area has been cultivated, but organic and greenhouse saffron cultivation has many advantages, the most important of which are used in greenhouse and hydroponic cultivation. It is the maximum of the area under cultivation, because due to the high classification and density, hydropolic cultivation has received more attention and demand.

For example, in a land with an area of 3000 square meters, if we create a greenhouse, and continue to grow saffron as a greenhouse, we will have a harvest of 10,000 square meters, which in addition to increasing the area under cultivation, significantly We will also produce, an increase of about 5 times the traditional product, which leads us to the conclusion that we can increase saffron exports by increasing greenhouse cultivation and make the saffron production industry profitable and valuable.


In modern industrial method of saffron cultivation, as in the traditional method, a justification plan is needed for farmers because in cultivation, it is necessary to predict costs and good management of mineral nutrition to combine nutrient solution and moisture in production to better performance. And reach quality.

According to expert studies and the justification plan, it has been confirmed that the cultivation of saffron indoors makes us get a better quality product and expand the cultivation of the crop indoors, just because the product is indoors. It is produced much higher quality than the products that are produced outdoors, because we can control it more easily indoors, so we will get quality products.

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