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فراورده های زعفران

Saffron products are products, which are processed by combining saffron with other foods that do not interfere with it, and saffron supplement products are produced. In the following Golden Mart articles about saffronplant properties, we will describe saffron products.

Saffron is processed in the simplest uses at home and at home.

Saffron is usually processed at home in two ways, which is very simple, one is the combination of saffron with ice and the other is the combination of saffron with boiling water.

But the processing steps in these combinations are such that the saffron must be completely powdered, which in combination with ice, pour a certain amount of powdered saffron into a container, and a few pieces of ice that fit the amount of saffron on Add powdered saffron and put it at room temperature.

Gradually, as the ice melts, the color of the saffron comes out of the saffron in zero-degree water. However, the amount of ice and saffron powder used should be such that the water from the ice is completely colored, for example, if half a teaspoon. Eating saffron powder with two pieces of ice the size of ice that we get from the refrigerator, we can get a good product from processing.

But in the processing of saffron with boiling water, we mix the saffron powder that we have beaten by Hawng with boiling water and put it on a kettle or samovar for brewing.

Saffron products

Saffron products are those that are obtained by combining saffron with other foods, or to put it more simply: the products of this precious spice are foods that use saffron for flavor and color, which are:

Saffron tablets

Saffron tablets are products that are prepared in solid and cut form in small molds from saffron composition, and are offered for easier use of saffron, so that the consumer does not have more time and effort to pulverize saffron.

Saffron bag

Saffron tea bag or saffron tea, which is basically a kind of tea, is an attractive and popular product that is consumed because of its invigorating.

Saffron spray

Saffron spray is a product that is used directly, and is usually used in the beauty of foods and desserts, but a clear example of the beauty of saffron on food is saffron rice, which is also very tempting.

Saffron in the dairy and food industry

Saffron ice cream
Saffron ice cream
  • Saffron ice cream: or the traditional ice cream that is very old and very popular among the people.
  • Saffron aroma oil: This type of oil, due to its pleasant aroma, is mostly used for brewing rice and preparing cakes.
  • Cakes and cookies: Cakes and cookies are usually produced with a variety of essential oils, including saffron essential oil, which is more popular with older people.
  • Saffron desserts and carbonated and non-carbonated drinks: About desserts that are prepared at home in a simple way, and we are almost familiar with them, especially saffron desserts such as saffron muscat or saffron halva

Saffron supplement

Saffron tablets
Saffron tablets

In addition to being used orally and used for food, saffron is also used for therapeutic purposes, so pills called saffron pills have also been produced that have therapeutic properties. It is another saffron product.

Saffron tablets are among the herbal remedies, which are used as antioxidants.

Since saffron has a hot and dry nature, it is useful for cold-tempered people and phlegm, and the use of saffron can help cold-tempered people to have a warm temperament, and people who are phlegm can get more moisture due to the hot and dry nature of saffron. Reduce your body too much.

Among the properties of saffron tablets, the following can be mentioned:

  • Anti-depressant
  • Anti-Alzheimer’s also increases memory.
  • Blood sugar controller
  • Strengthen vision in the elderly
  • Strengthen vision in the elderly

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