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کاشت درخت خرما

Nature has provided cheap fruits that are rich in nutrients and valuable. It is a date fruit that grows well in the tropicsNature has provided a fruit rich in nutrients. Dates are a fruit that grows well in tropical regions. Dates can also be considered a complete meal. For this reason, date palm planting is popular in many tropical regions of the world. A tree that is very sacred and valuable to humans due to its valuable fruits.

A look at the origins of the date palm

Some fruits and foods that exist in nature do not have a special detector. The discoverer of the date palm is also not completely known. The first signs of the existence of the date palm date back to 6000-8000 years ago.

Dates have been studied for many years. The first thing that attracts attention is the appearance of the tree. In appearance, the palm tree is similar to the trees that grew in the swamps in the early days of the earth.

The first signs of the existence of this fruit date back to the time when the first civilizations and settlements appeared in Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf region.

The religious and holy books of various religions, including Christians and Muslims, have spoken about the date palm and its properties. For this reason, this fruit is also considered sacred.

Growing date palms
Growing date palms
  • Planting seedlings:
    The next stage is planting seedlings. Date palm trees should be spaced 8-10 meters apart. The root should not be more than 15 cm above the soil and 50 cm below the soil.

Date planting season

You can plant seedlings in spring and autumn, but the best time is early spring.

Tree planting distance

The best spacing for growing palm trees is 8×8. If other trees are going to be planted between the palm trees, the minimum distance between the palm trees should be 12×12. In the current palm groves in different regions of the country, the distance between palm trees is very small and in most places is 5 x 5 meters.

Planting date palms
Planting date palms

Choosing suitable soil for date palm tree growth

The date grows especially well in salty soil. But clay soils and sandy soil, which have few nutrients, are not suitable for planting dates. The best soil for growing date palm tree is light soil with good organic and mineral content.

Choosing the best climate for planting palm trees

Date palm should be planted in areas with long, hot, dry summers. For this reason, dates need a dry environment, since pollination occurs 5 – 7 months a year.

The presence of humidity and rain can destroy pollen or affect pollination efficiency. But on the other hand, dates need a lot of water for their growth and development. Therefore, it is planted only in places where there is access to abundant sources of water.

The best climate for planting palm trees is subtropical deserts. The best regions with these characteristics in terms of climate are Bam, Balochistan, Ahwaz, Abadan, Kasreshirin, Khorramshahr, Yazd and some central areas of Iran. These areas have the best climate for planting dates.

Supplying water for planting dates

Now we want to talk about how to water dates. As we have already said, dates are a tree that needs a lot of water. For this reason, in some areas, including Khorramshahr and Abadan, they are helped by tidal irrigation.

Other areas, such as Shadegan, use atmospheric and ditch irrigation. Water streams flow through the grove and irrigate it by flooding.

Finally, in areas with less water availability such as Balochistan, the date tree is planted in wheat and paddy fields. Apart from irrigating rice and wheat, dates are also irrigated. Of course, drip irrigation is now very common and is used in many areas.

Varieties of cultivated dates

Planted dates are divided into 3 types according to variety. Fresh varieties, semi-dry varieties and dry varieties. Mazafati, Khasivi, Shahani and Kabkub dates are included in the list of fresh date varieties.

Also included in the list of semi-dry and dry varieties of dates are Pyaroma, Zahedi, Majul, etc.

Of course, other dates are also planted in the south of the country. But the most important thing was what we mentioned.

The most important pests and diseases of dates

The red palm beetle is a pest that has been observed on a number of palm trees since 1990 and is believed to have been introduced from Pakistan.

Dust mites or spider mites:

This pest is found most of the time in shallow palm groves and feeds on the sap of palm leaves and fruits. In addition to dusting leaves and fruits, this pest gives them a gray or silver color due to sucking the sap of the plant. Method of combating this pest: timely watering of palm trees, pruning of palm trees, maintaining a planting distance and preventing the formation of dust in palm groves.


One of the main and common pests of palm trees are rats.

In addition to destroying irrigation canals, rats cause significant damage to the roots and even trunks of palm trees. The best way to control mice is to apply appropriate herbicides and perform plow-and-disc operations once every four months.


Cicadas are one of the most dangerous pests of palms.

Cicadas first live on palm leaves. To combat cicadas, do the following:

Timely pruning of palm trees – annually
Maintaining palm tree planting distances
Use of phosphorus poisons

Other date palm pests include:

  • Rhinoceros beetle
  • Fruit worms


Undoubtedly, if we want to talk about what dates are, its properties and history, we will need hundreds of pages and days. But date palm planting, planting steps and of course knowing the right time to plant dates can give you useful information. If you want to have a date palm at home, you can start planting it. As they say, there are as many properties of dates as there are days in the year. Thus, by planting, growing and harvesting dates, you will be able to take advantage of the unique properties of dates.

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