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What is a date?

  • Dates(scientific name: Phoenix dactylifera) ortropical plantis considered a monocotyledonous plant in the genus of palms. The fruit of this tree is edible and a hard core is placed in the heart of the date.
  • The skin of the date is thin and has a sweet taste. The fruits hang in large clusters from the branches of the tree. The height of the palm reaches 10 to 20 meters and its leaves are large.
  • The unripe fruit of the date is called “Khark” or “Khark” or Kong (and in Arabic, “Hababuk”). The stage before the dates are fully ripe is called rotab. Rutab, soft, has high humidity and less sugar than fully ripe dates.
  • Date fruits are placed in the group of fruits. This means that all parts of the brewery are meat and have nutritional value.
  • Dates are one of the ancient trees and have always existed in the human diet. The palm is one of the oldest trees cultivated by humans.

The root of the word

The word date has Persian roots and has spread from Persian to other languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Indonesian and Malaysian to the east, Greek and western.

Chemical composition of dates

Dates contain 25% sucrose, 50% [glucose], and albumin, pectin and water. This fruit is rich in various vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C, E and some minerals.

Agriculture history

The date palm grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Dates grow well in many parts of Iran. Archaeologists have named the first groves 5,000 years ago, as they were named after clay tablets from 50 centuries ago.

Palms and dates have been cultivated in Iran since ancient times and before the Achaemenid rule. In Sassanid literature, palm is mentioned in the book Bandheshan. Chinese sources refer to Iran (in his language as Bousi, the Persian pronunciation of Persian) as the land of date palms, which is known to them as Persian jujube and millennial jujube. At the end of the ninth century AD, date palms were brought to China from Iran and the growth of this tree began in this country. Spain has the largest history of palm cultivation among European countries.

Planting date palms
Planting date palms

Planting a palm tree

Propagation of this tree is mainly done by palm kernels or by moving the cuttings (date buds). Palm propagation is done in the summer of July and August. Planting dates has many points. To learn, you can read the article on planting Golden Mart dates.

Date products

The palm tree is one of the trees that uses its leaves, branches, kernels and fruits. Palm leaves and twigs are used in the preparation of baskets and mats. They grind the kernel and make bread with it. They also brew the kernel of the date and drink it as coffee. Soak the date kernels in water for a few days and prepare a kind of food for the camels. Dates are used to make wine and honey.

Types of dates
Types of dates

Types of dates

240,000 hectares of cultivated land in Iran is a palm tree. Iran produces more than one million tons of dates annually and is the second largest producer of dates after Egypt. This high-quality food product has a great variety in our country. In this article, you will get acquainted with thetypes of Golden Mart datesin detail.

The most important Iranian dates are:

  1. pyarom dates
  2. kabkub dates
  3. shahani dates
  4. zahedi dates
  5. estaameran dates
  6. dagelt noor dates
  7. halile dates
  8. robi dates
  9. kelooteh dates
  10. honey dates
  11. khasivi dates
  12. borhi dates
  13. gantar dates
  14. ale mehtari dates
  15. khazravi dates
  16. moradsang dates
  17. ajveh dates
  18. anbarar dates
  19. safavi dates
  20. saghay dates
  21. mozfati dates

Medicinal properties and benefits of dates

Dates or dates are a sweet fruit. It is called the fruit of natural energy because it is rich in nutrients. Here are some properties of dates:

  • Memory Improvement
  • Facial skin rejuvenation
  • Strengthens and enhances hair growth
  • Treatment of neurological diseases
  • Treatment of tooth decay
  • Hematopoietic
  • Dealing with underweight
  • Strengthen the heart
  • Reduction of blood lipids and …

For more information, follow the article on theproperties of datesin Golden Mart magazine.

Side effects of excessive consumption of dates

Eating 2 to 3 dates a day is not harmful to the body, but excessive consumption of it may have side effects, including Complications of dates In excessive consumption, it is possible to; He mentioned weight gain, indigestion and stomach bloating, facial acne, increased blood potassium, etc.

How to store dates

Dates are a moist fruit and to preserve them, it is necessary to follow principles so that its taste does not change.

Sollen die gekauften Datteln längere Zeit gelagert werden, ist es besser, sie in Behältern mit Deckel und in einer kühlen Umgebung aufzubewahren. Ein Gefrierschrank ist die beste Wahl für die Aufbewahrung von mehr als einem Monat. In diesem Artikel erklären wir Ihnen die Prinzipien und Methoden zur Konservierung von Datteln.

Date products

Dates are a valuable plant that has also received much attention in industry. A variety of date products are obtained. Examples include: date sugar, date honey, date vinegar, date juice, date cheese, date kernel coffee, date kernel oil, date sugar and date chips. Golden Mart recounts all the date products in his article with a glimpse.

Principles of date export

  • Iranian dates are in great demand due to their good quality and taste as well as reasonable prices.
  • Iranian dates are exported to Malaysia, Iraq, India, Russia, Turkey, Armenia, France and many other countries.

There are two principles in exporting a product to other countries:

  1. Having a high quality product
  2. The destination market has an applicant for the export of goods.

Iranian dates for export include:

  • estaemeran dates
  • shahani dates
  • Kabkab dates
  • zehedi dates
  • peyarem dates
  • mozfati dates

If you want to knowthe export details of this special product, read the Golden Mart date export article.

The last word

  • Golden Mart Trading is one of the largest Iranian companies that exports various food products, including dates
  • The company has the necessary information with trade laws between countries and has been able to obtain a good ranking in this field.
  • For more information about exports, you can contact our experts in the support department.
  • Bio Elixiro, with a long history in research, testing and production of organic materials and having several branches around the world, tries to take a big step for the health of its customers by providing natural and organic products.Golden Mart business group offers the following organic and natural products with high-quality raw materials under the Bio Elixiro brand.
  • • – Nuts (pistachios, almonds, raisins, hazelnuts, cashews, etc.)
  • • -Dried Fruit.
  • • -Spices (saffron, cardamom, cumin, etc.)
  • • Barberry.
  • – Saffron and its derivatives such as:
  • Super Negin
  • Super Negin saffron
  • Saffron Sargol 1 Mesqal
  • saffron Dokhtar pich
  • • Saffron syrup.
  • • Saffron candy.
  • • Tea.
  • piarom dates
  • mozfati dates
  • zehedi dates
  • Kabkab dates, etc
  • Types of date products:
  • Date cookies
  • date coffee
  • Palm sap

To get these products anywhere in the world, just contact Golden Mart experts and order the Bio Elixiro product.

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